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U.S. Military Contractor
Since 1949

Certifications for Level 1, 2 and 3

About us

When you need blast protection look no further than BlastTac® blast blankets and curtains. BlastTac features unmatched innovation, outstanding performance and superior ballistic, frag and fire protection.

BlastTac is manufactured at Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY established in 1949.  BlastTac blankets and curtains are manufactured with U.S. made, U.S. Military grade materials. The exclusive U.S. made, 9853, 9865, 9870, 9875, 9887 and 9890 matrix materials were engineered and developed exclusively for this product line. All of our blankets and curtains are manufactured in the U.S. and tested and certified by an independent lab to meet our published specifications.

The BlastTac line offers a wide variety of features and options. BlastTac products offer UL 752 Certification for bullet resistance for Level 1, 2 and Level 3 and higher. BlastTac high-temp blankets and curtains will defend against fire, heat and arc flash protection to category 4+. Constructed to be truly non-flammable, it will not burn, melt, or ignite and remarkably sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances. Even after intense heat and flame exposure, it maintains its strength and integrity and continues to protect.

BlastTac blankets and curtains are used in various applications such as: Military, Oil & Gas, Industrial Safety, Fire Departments, Agriculture, Police and Homeland Security, Construction, Demolition and Mining.

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