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BlastTac Military Curtains and Military Blankets

BlastTac® is a leading line of military curtains and military blankets designed to provide blast and fire protection to a variety of industries worldwide. We are dedicated to creating products that meet the consumer’s required specifications and safety applications. BlastTac military curtains and military blankets serve the following industries: aerospace, commercial and industrial, fire, oil and gas, and police and military.

Safety threats personnel are currently facing, including blasts, ballistics, fire and high-speed frag, serve as an incentive for us to create products that are versatile and long lasting. Therefore, BlastTac military curtains and military blankets are portable, lightweight and more effective than steel.

The BlastTac line is manufactured with U.S. made, U.S. Military grade materials. They are tested in accordance with U.S. Military, UL standards and ASTM International Test Standards. They are tested and certified by Chesapeake Testing Labs, located in North Carolina.

Cost Effective

BOP/Manifold pressure testing requires that rig floor operations be shut down. Consequently, this is significantly costly for rig contractors and operators. As a result, BlastTac created a series designed specifically to reduce the time that rig operations are shut down, which saves oil rigs time and money.

Fireproof Protection

For protection in high-temperature applications, BlastTac created FireMax®. FireMax curtains and blankets provide fire, heat and arc flash protection in addition to blast protection. Truly non-flammable, FireMax curtains and blankets will not burn, melt or ignite and will also shed molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances. They are also re-usable even after intense heat and flame exposure.

BlastTac is manufactured at Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY and established in 1949. Our military experience is the driving force behind the careful design of the world’s finest military curtains and military blankets.

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